Bio Oxygen Therapy

Bio Oxygen Therapy - No needle Oxygen Injection

The Bio-Oxygen treatments uses specific oxygen penetration to deliver scientifically advanced products to the living layer of the skin.

Expression Ageing Breakthrough!

This deluxe facial revitalizes the skin by delivering the oxygen and high performance products containing the latest, most powerful and proven ingredients to address the client’s specific concerns.

The treatments

The Platinum Peptide Prescriptive Facial delivers superior results in a faster time. Utilizing the new Platinum Peptide Serum with “Tri-Peptide Complex”, it maximises hydration within the dermis, stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin fibres giving the skin improved elasticity and a renewed firmness. The additional delivery of Invisible Expression Serum, a concentrated serum containing 15% Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 makes it amongst the most assertive treatments to address the concerns of expression ageing. A non-surgical alternative to botox and fillers.

The Bio-Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial encourages a clearer complexion utilizing the anti-bacterial effects of oxygen and the infusion of Bio-Therapeutic products formulated to decongest blocked pores and re-establishes a normal skin cell replacement cycle this offers an effective treatment for acne skin.

The Bio-Oxygen Hyper-Pigmentation Facial helps to regulate melanocyte activity gradually lightening the areas of pigmentation. Leaving you with a more even, attractive skin tone.

Each treatment follows a 3 stage process-

Stage 1 Delivers oxygen and high performance cosmetic formulations deep into the skin via a pulse of pressurised oxygen using the unique Twin Bio-Jets.

Stage 2 Using the Bio-Wand the skin is lightly misted with hydrating preparations and massaged with oxygen.

Stage 3 The client’s skin is infused with oxygen whilst at the same time benefiting internally from breathing oxygen and essential oils utilising the Bio-Dome.

What can Bio-Oxygen treat?

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Bio-Oxygen can safely and effectively be used for the following concerns:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Sun damaged skin

• Deeper lines & wrinkles

• Pigmentation

• Smokers’ skin

• Acne


€150 per Treatment