Bioskin MicroPeel

Bioskin MicroPeel - A-Listers' Pampering Anti-Ageing Procedure Hits Dublin

It's new, it's painless, it's pampering, it's acid-free - and it has worked for Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Bio-Skin Micro-Peel (€150) from Bellaza salon in Ranelagh (01 496 3484) exfoliates intensively with tiny oxide crystals and infra-red light therapy, then plumps up the complexion with ultrasound vacuum massage, all within 45 minutes.

Why MicroPeel?

The treatment is perfect for sun-damaged, lined and wrinkled skin; age spots, enlarged pores and pigmentation marks; acne and acne scarring; stretchmarks and generic scarring. It's also ideal for anyone unwilling to undergo existing chemical or laser treatments due to the high cost, potential side-effects, discomfort and long recovery periods. And unlike injectables and acid peels, Bio-Skin Micro-Peel is pleasant, comfortable and relaxing - and must be done by a professional therapist.

Says Sue Machesney of Bellaza: "Microdermabrasion products and peels sold over the counter for home-use don't work - they're just not intensive enough to exfoliate properly. Since I've had the Bio-Skin treatment in the salon, I've noticed a definite difference around my mouth and eyes, without having to suffer for it!

"My skin is noticeably less lined and much firmer around the jaw-line and neck. It's also great for lymph drainage and has taken away excess fluid from around my chin." Bellaza is offering a complimentary Bio-Skin Micro-Peel treatment (worth €150) with every course booked (six treatments are recommended). Tel 01 496 3484.

What exactly is Bio-Skin Micro-Peel?

It's a three-step rejuvenating process which combines hi-tech skin exfoliation, a safe, painless infra-red laser light to erase the very top, fine layer of the epidermis, and a moderate 'ultrasound' suction and calibration massage which improves vascular and lymphatic circulation.

Where do the oxide crystals come in?

Clinical investigations started in Italy in 1987 showed that microdermabrasion using oxide or 'corundum' crystals is safe, effective and easy to use. Next to diamonds, corundum is one of the hardest minerals in the world and its crystals are able to gently but effectively remove micro-layers of the epidermis in a very controlled way.

Why is the treatment considered so effective?

Beauty therapists worldwide now prefer Bio-Skin Micro-Peel to surgical laser and acid peels. A number of published studies in consumer and medical periodicals have proven the benefits of the treatment and it has received excelled reviews in Vogue, Marie Claire, Top Sante, Company, Sunday Times Style section and the Daily Telegraph. It is also certified according to European Safety Standards.

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Are there any side effects?

Treatments on thousands of clients of different race and colour show no adverse skin reactions. A mild redness may occur for a few hours but desensitising formulations are also applied to the skin to soothe it. Skin texture is improved visibly after the very first treatments and continues to improve throughout the course.


€150 per Treatment