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Bioskin Secret - Exclusive suppliers of The Bioskin Secret- The non-surgical way to combat saggy-neck syndrome.

Introducing the Bioskin Secret- As seen on Xposé

Lisa Kudrow - Bioskin Secret
As Lisa Kudrow (44) demonstrates in the picture to the left, a saggy neck can be a total giveaway when it comes to a person’s age. The dreaded “turkey neck” can, however, be painlessly avoided thanks to the introduction of the new Bioskin Secret facial, the non-surgical neck and jowl lift, available exclusively at Bellaza Beauty in Ranelagh.

A course of six to eight treatments is recommended for best results. Costing €750.00 (normal RRP €900) for a course of 6. The Bioskin Secret is available exclusively at Bellaza Beauty.

Bioskin Secret As Featured on Xposé - Watch the Movie


€150 per Treatment