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The Push and Peel System - as Featured on Ireland AM

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Fusion Treatment - as Featured on TV3 Xposé

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Bellaza Beauty Salon - Sunday Tribune - Madonna Article

Sunday Tribune

"Living like this is just Madneth"

"My final stage of transformation was to follow Madonna's beauty regime. This meant Fusion RF, a non-invasive treatment where radio waves are pumped into your face to encourage collagen production, tightening your skin, making it look younger and fresher. Madonna is so into this that a Fusion RF machine comes on tour with her. There's only one place in the country that has a machine to do this, so off I popped to Bellaza beauty salon in Ranelagh, Dublin. Sue Machesney, who was going to make my face Madonna-like, took a 'before' picture, prior to rubbing me almost into submission with a tool which emitted radio waves deep into my skin. Thanks to Sue's safe hands, I lasted the full 40 minutes, and behold, my skin was much tighter. My jaw line was far more defined (even my cynical friends said so), and there seemed to be a piece of fat lobbed off from underneath my chin. Success! "

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Bellaza Beauty Salon - Sunday Tribune - Push and Peel  Facial Article

Sunday Tribune

"Beauty Buzz"

"if you're looking for a non-invasive but highly effective way of improving skin tone, we've seen the effects of Push & Peel, available at the Bellaza salon in Dublin 6, and we're mightily impressed. We won't bamboozle you with the science bit but it works on a slow-release principle, where the skin is exfoliated and collagen production stimulated, giving an overall and immediate appearance of luscious, younger looking skin – a mini, non-painful facelift if you will."

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The Dubliner - Bellaza Beauty Salon Ranelagh

The Dubliner

"The Best of Dublin - Health & Beauty"

"Treat yourself to the Oxygen Facial by Sue Machesney, the cult facialist, at Bellaza, her unassuming nook on Ranelagh Road. It’s a skin-care paradise; great facials, vein zapping, laser hair removal and cellulite treatments. None of the services are surgical, everything is painless and requires zero post-treatment down-time. So you can look your best without getting near a knife. Like an Irish mammy, Sue will be tough on you, but you know it’s because she wants the best for the skin you’re in. But unlike an Irish mammy, she won’t ring up the guy who has your face scratched to bits with his bloody beard"

Irish Independent - Bellaza Beauty Salon Ranelagh

The Irish Independent

"Christmas and the gift of beauty"

"I hate the stuff; I even wax the hair on my forearms off. The smell of depilatory creams make me nauseous and I especially hate shaving - having shaved off my baby toe in the shower last week - don't ask, long story! But there is light at the end of the tunnel and that is Aculight - a laser that permanently reduces hair. Hallelujah!

This treatment, which is next on my list, is available in Bellaza Beauty & Toning Clinic in Ranelagh. It costs €150 a session and 12 are recommended to rid you of your bikini line. Not bad when you add up what you spend each year on waxing. By the summer, my body should be a hair-free zone ready to slip into my itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, Moschino bikini!"

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