Push and Peel Facial Bellaza Beauty Salon Ranelagh
Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment in Ranelagh

Push and Peel - NEW!

A Safe and Effective Non-Surgical Deep Peeling System - As seen on Ireland AM

Part of the Complete Anti-aging Solution

This is a safe, effective, non-aggressive deep peeling system. Easy to apply, it can be used wherever and whenever, even during the hottest periods of summer without any side effect (perfect if you’ve got holidays planned!). The uniqueness of the system is guaranteed by a patented poly-alcoholic colloidal polymer, excellent to help substances to penetrate in depth and to be released slowly. The system is known for its effective synergy of revitalizing, exfoliating, antioxidant active principles.

Push & Peel is a “slow release” system which allows a simultaneous use of an exfoliating cream, acting on superficial layers, and of a diluted polymeric solution. While turning itself into an easy removable film, this solution releases nourishing substances and promotes an evident “lift” effect.

See the Push and Peel System on Ireland AM

The Push & Peel System is now available in Bellaza Salon in Ranelagh - Please call 01 - 496 34 84 for a FREE SKIN consultation.


€150 per Treatment