Semi Permanent Make-up

Enhance Eyebrows, Eyes, (Eyelash Thickening with colour/eyeline) & Lips with Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Extremely subtle permanent make-up that lasts from 2-4 years.

'Micro-pigmentation should only support the natural beauty of the facial contours, rather than drastically changing them.' Sue Machesney, Bellaza Beauty Clinic


Extremely subtle semi-permanent make-up (micro-pigmentation) for the enhancement of the eyelashes, eyebrows and to contour lip shape or fullness of full colour can now be achieved through a cosmetic acupuncture technique which lasts three to five years.

Blend method subtle and natual through a cosmetic acupuncture technique PureBeau semi-permanent make-up is the latest innovation in cosmetic acupuncture, a godsend not only for busy mums and working women, but also for anyone who has lost their eyebrows or lashes through cancer treatments or alopecia. PureBeau uses fine acupuncture needles which do not penetrate the skin, as older pigmentation methods have done, but allow the beauty therapist to very precisely place the pigment in the skin in tiny, natural looking strokes.

Many celebrities, male and female, are now using semi-permanent make-up to define eyebrows that are disappearing due to over-plucking or ageing, or for their lips, to redefine and enhance the lip-line. But the most dramatic results have been achieved with post-cancer patients. 'We have clients who have lost their eyebrows and lashes through chemotherapy and we've been able to replace them using the fine stroke technique with the PureBeau machine,' says Sue Machesney of Bellaza Beauty Clinic in Ranelagh. 'It is also wonderful for anyone suffering from alopecia and it can also be used on scar tissue to blend out the discolouration. From a purely cosmetic point of view, we also have lots of busy ladies who just don't have the time to apply their make-up properly every day or who just don't want to look radically different once they take their make-up off.' The pigment used in the PureBeau treatment contains medically approved iron-oxides. Several different shades are available and can be blended to exactly match the client's colouring.